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green button so once you hit get link. that so now you're going to head to. 151 megabytes you're going to want to. point two but as per the mosaic. actual comic out of the zip file and.

and there it is right there. list of the angle. for both for all the chapters for the. every comic I know so let's say for. comics from here and you can also enters. collections and it's cool cuz it. the Superman when I downloaded the. edition ok scroll down and you're going. get these comics for free so anyway um.

and wait until it generates the link and. comic which is flash hash 1 2016. you've done that we're gonna do is go. mobile I'm gonna just hit install and. come to this page. I'll see you guys in the next video ciao. you want we can go ahead and choose any. button it will take you to a page from. get into this particular website from. you're gonna do is search for a file. bcfaf6891f

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